MY PERSONAL STORY Prologue: 2010! Hello World!

It’s a new decade, with new adventures, new challenges.  To go back a few years, on New Years Eve 2000, my wife and I were passengers on the Sea Lion, a Linblad Expeditions ship, which is now in partnership with National Geographic, exploring the Sea of Cortez. A few minutes before midnight we  left our ship on Zodiac rafts and landed on an uninhabited island, where we were met by crew members dressed in tuxedos, holding silver trays with champagne glasses which they handed to us when we waded  ashore.  It was a glorious celebration, a huge bonfire, a pig roasting on a spit, all the champagne you could drink, and billions of twinkling stars visible in the night sky.  This was the beginning of a new decade, and you could wipe the slate clean and start over.  The only worry was Y2K, but fortunately the meltdown of the world’s computers was over hyped and didn’t happen.  This uninhabited island seemed very safe, so the world seemed safe.  I was in total denial that my view of the outside world  from the perspective of this uninhabited island  — peace,  love, good health — was only an illusion  In reality, there would soon be 9/11, the economic downturn, and a long list of problems facing every American Citizen.

So, I’ve started to write this Blog to inspire you  a little bit, to make you laugh a little bit.   You will read about a determined young man from Philadelphia who came to Hollywood and didn’t know anyone but persevered and fought his way into the motion picture business as the Old Guard was being pushed aside and Studio System was about to collapse.  This is MY PERSONAL STORY and it’s 100% true…


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