MY PERSONAL STORY Scene One: Entering a Brave New World: My Mother as an Actress and My First True Love

Like those who have preceded me and those who have come after me, on July 18, 1939, I was born into this world. I might have been nine pounds, I might have been ten pounds, but I wasn’t much less or  much more than that.  At a very early age, while I was in a crib I developed pneumonia. I wouldn’t swallow my medicine until a Doctor Muchatz, mustache, fedora, overcoart, came to to see me. The good Doctor scared me half to death and ordered me to take my medicine, which I did. Little did I know Doctor Muchatz was an actress, my mother, a Registered Nurse at the city’s most prestegeous hospital. I can remember my tiny chest being packed with a thick goop called Antiphlogistine, a Medicated Poultice something akin to a mustard plaster — it was like being in a body cast but I don’t remember complaining about it.  Perhaps I was too sick. I had a satin cat named Minnie Memow.  I loved Minnie. She wasn’t that small, and I’m not sure why she was named Minnie.  Perhaps this satin cat was named after Disney’s Minnie Mouse.   I hugged that damn cat tightly to my sweaty little body, day after day,  and dripped mucus and slobbered all over it, so my dear Mother shedding the persona of Doctor Muschatz kept having to replace its’ stained satin cover with a clean new satin skin.   I guess this was my introduction to the theatre — Vaudeville , with a performer  and a puppet.  And so the first scene ends and the curtain closes.

MY PERSONAL STORY will continue…


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