It’s the month of March — March Madness — the time for the NCAA Regional Basketball Playoffs, and the National Championship game. When I’m watching a game and my  team’s  winning, I have good reason to yell and cheer. But, between you and me, I have another reason to be excited.  My good friend, composer Bob Christianson, wrote the theme music you’re hearing during every basketball game during March Madness.  Intros, underscore, commercial segues, recaps, you name it.  He hasn’t yet composed the songs played by college bands, but some day if you ever hear a new fight song for Notre Dame, there’s a good chance it will be by composer  Bob Christianson.

If you like Bob’s themes, you can call CBS in New York, and tell them so.


I first met Bob when he composed the score for the feature film “Wishman,” directed by Mike Marvin, starring Paul LeMat. I was the Film Editor and Post Production Supervisor on that film. Several years later, I edited another feature film “No Ordinary Love,” and got Bob the composing gig on it. From there, when I was In charge of production for Showcase Entertainment, Bob composed scores for “The Bad Pack,” “Boys Klub,” “The Adventures of Ragtime,” and “Mindbender,” directed by Kurt Russell. And Bob has been my go-to guy ever since. Not only is Bob a talented composer, he plays a mean keyboard, sings a little bit, and was a pit conductor on Broadway.  Now he is writing musicals.

Whenever I go to New York I stay with Bob and his wife Jeannie, who was a Broadway performer herself, at their lovely brownstone, which houses one of his recording studios, in the Chelsey section of N. Y., an invigorating walk on a brisk autumn day to Times Square.

Now let’s get back to March.  Bob has put up a website for his latest project, “A Christmas Carol – The Concert,” which is the classic Dickens tale performed as a concert with full symphony orchestra, a rock/pop rhythm section, choir, a narrator and three soloists.  Hear this classic ghost story as you’ve never heard it before. Composer Bob Christianson and lyricist Alisa Klein Hauser have created a brand new original score with musical styles that range from classical and Broadway to blues and gospel.

First published in 1843, A Christmas Carol has been adapted many, many times for stage, television, movies, and opera including adaptations for the Muppets, Barbie, and even The Flintstones.  BUT THERE HAS NEVER BEEN A CONCERT VERSION written for a SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA until NOW.

I recommend going to the website to listen to various pieces of Bob’s original symphony score accompanied by several very talented performers.  A Christmas Carol – The Concert



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