EXTRA! EXTRA! EXTRAS A Look Backwards: Connections (#32)

It’s New Year’s Eve and I realize I’ve only posted one Blog during the past two months.   For Good reason.  I ‘m working on the feature film “Atlas Shrugged.”  In addition to the every day stress associated with supervising the completion of this independant feature film, I’ve been doing some travelling. First, on November 12th, I drove to San Diego to show the film to composer Marvin Hamilish. He said he liked the film but couldn’t write the movie score in time for the theatrical release on April 15, 2011.  On the drive back to Los Angeles, I took this picture, which reminded me that back in 1965, I flew up to Seattle, Washington, to film a whale named Shamu. He was lying in a sling surrounded by veterinarians, who were keeping this magnificient creature moist, on a cargo airplane about to be transported to San Diego, to become part of the SeaWorld show.  I accompanied and documented his safe journey to Sea World.

Gasoline Powered Shamu Spotted on the 405 Freeeway

December 6th, I landed at JFK in New York at around 10pm and was greeted by the chilly temperature  — with Wind Chill — of 17 degrees.  Dec 7th was a day of technical setup for an 11 minute promo reel of “Atlas Shrugged” to be shown that night to the Atlas Society at the Hudson Theatre.  The night was a grand success and I plan to add pictures and expand this text in the near future.