It’s that time of the year again, and an especially exciting time for me, with the Academy Awards Show airing tomorrow night.

I’ve been busy since September working as Post Production Producer on the feature film “Atlas Shrugged.” We had our first private screenings at Sony Studios on Tuesday and Thursday.  Tuesday morning I had a technical screening for financier John Agigularo, his wife Joan Carter, and producer Harmon Kaslow. Afterwards, Joan told me she was crying (with tears of joy) as the “hero scene ” played on the big screen.  I do not want to give it away. I will only say it has to do with The John Gault Line.

Two time Academy awards winner Al Ruddy, who was once involved with “Atlas,” said the movie turned out much better than he had ever imagined.

I watched all the screenings from the projection booth at Sony Studios, as “Atlas was being digitally projected to stellar audiences.  Each screening was an overwhelming success.

Two days ago, I took AMTRAC’S Pacific Surfliner from Santa Barbara, California to Solano Beach, just north of San Diego,.  The event was The CATO Benefactor’s Conference held at the Grand Del Mar, one of the most luxurious hotels I’ve ever stayed at.  CATO is a Libertarian Think Tank and this weekend they were raising funds to build  a headquarters building in Washington, D.C.

The screening of “Atlas Shrugged” was warmly received and John Agigularo and Harmon Kaslow received a standing ovation.

I will talk more about “Atlas” as I travel across the country to show the movie to members of the House of Representatives in Washington, D.C. Then at Tribecca in New York City.   And at a venue in Palm Beach, Florida.

"The King's Speech"

Now on to the Academy Awards.  Colin Firth is a shoe-in to win an Oscar for Best Actor.  It will be a wonderful experience for him, and a delightful experience for me.  Twenty-two years ago, I worked with Colin on the wonderfully quirky motion picture “Apartment Zero.” He played a projectionist in a small movie theatre showing “Art Films” in Buenos Aires, Argentina.  He had “star” quality even back then, and now he’s a real “movie star” with his magnificent performance in “The King’s Speech.”   Colin, I can’t wait ’til tomorrow night to hear your acceptance speech.

My hat’s off to James Franco who’s nominated for an Oscar for his extraordinary performance in “127 Hours,” directed by Danny Boyle. I worked with Franco on “Camille,” a lovely motion picture that sadly underperformed at the box office.

James Franco won’t win an Academy Award — he did win the SPIRIT Award last night — but the next best thing to winning an Oscar is to co-host with Anne Hathaway the Academy Awards show tonight.

I’ll be watching Colin and James, along with millions of fans world-wide, with fond memories of our working together.

As the old Show Biz saying goes, “Break a Leg.”  In the case, since I’ll be rooting for both of you, “Break Two Legs.”





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