EXTRA! EXTRA! PASSINGS Only One Elizabeth Taylor: Connections (#36)

I wanted to write something about Elizabeth Taylor last week.  But I was too busy. I’m in the final stages of completing “Atlas Shrugged” Part l.  It opens in movie theaters nationwide on April 15th.

Liz Taylor relaxing in Puerto Vallarta

Now back to Elizabeth Taylor.  The year was 1962.  I was on an airplane with ex-husband Michael Wilding, who was bringing their children to Puerto Vallarta, where Elizabeth was living with Richard Burton.  Burton was on location in Mexico filming “Night of The Iguana.”  I was 23 years old.  I was travelling to Mexico to work as assistant cameraman on the NBC-TV series “Hollywood and the Stars.”  So, as the airplane landed at the spartan airport, I gazed Elizabeth waiting for us.  She was waving and I pretended it was to me and not to her children.  There’s a lot more to this story, but I don’t have the time to finish it. But I will.  I will post a photograph of Elizabeth taken off the movie film of the wrap party. I think it’s the best photograph I have ever seen of her. Maybe I’m prejudiced because she’s staring  at the camera —  right at me.

Tonight I’m writing this blog from my grand room at Caesars Palace Hotel in Las Vegas. I’m at the Cinemacon Convention  attended The Motion Picture Pioneers dinner honoring Dick Cook.  I have lots to report and I will add to this Blog in the coming days.

Today is April 19th, and it has taken me awhile to post updates because I’ve been traveling across the country in connection with the motiuon picture “Atlas Shrugged.”   I’ve added some very special pictures of Elizabeth Taylor taken on location in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico when she was visiting Richard Burton during the filming of “Night of The Iguana.”  These photographs are still frames from the NBC-TV series “Hollywood and the Stars, On Location: Night of the Iguana.”

Liz Taylor and Richard Burton at "Iguana" Wrap Party