EXTRA! EXTRA! EXTRAS April Showers: It’s Raining Politics: Connections #37

While I don’t consider myself politically active,  I have voted in more primary Elections than would-be Republican Candidate Donald Trump aka “The Donald.” Instead of taking a lead from the “birthers” and asking him to produce his birth certificate, the question really to ask him is, “How many times have you or one of your organizations gone bankrupt?”  The answer might surprise a lot of people.  Trump or his companies have gone bankrupt four times.

The month of April has come and is almost gone. The movie “Atlas Shrugged,” which opened its nation-wide theatrical  run on April 15th, tax day — no coincidence  — has been all-consuming.  I’ve had time to only post this one Blog the month of April.

I’ve travelled back and forth across this country several times, beginning with Hollywood, California; then La Hoya, California; Washington, D.C. (2 times); Palm Beach, Florida; Las Vegas, Nevada, New York City (3 times); Lake Tahoe, California.  I’m posting a group of photographs that illustrate my busy month and my involvement in national politics, all because of working on the movie ‘Atlas Shrugged.”

Speaker of the House John Boehner at Club for Growth Conference

Mitt Romney

Gov. Mitt Romney at Club for Growth Conference

I promise to publish many more interesting pictures in the coming weeks ahead.

"Atlas Shrugged" at Santa Barbara, CA

On April 15th “Atlas Shrugged” opened at the Paseo Nuveo Theater on State Street in Santa Barbara, California.