EXTRA! EXTRA! EXTRAS “Atlas Shrugged” Opens Today at the Bigfoot Crest Theatre in Westwood, California” Connections #38

“Atlas Shrugged” has gotten its second wind.  After playing a successful exclusive engagement at the Regent Theater in Westwood, California, this movie with its powerful fan base has moved to a nearby theater for its second engagement at the Bigfoot Crest Theatre.

How ironic for me, this historic theater built in 1940 was a second-run theater in 1962, until I held  the U.S. Premier of “A Matter of WHO,” starring British Comedian Terry-Thomas,  there. Then it was called the Crest Theater.  The major studios took notice and Westwood became the venue for many World Premieres of major motion pictures .

Years later, Disney took over the Crest Theater and renamed it the Majestic Crest Theater.

Now there is a new operator Bigfoot Entertainment who has renamed it the Bigfoot Crest Theatre  I wrote a Blog about the new owner back on April 8, 2010.

After all these years, I’m returning to the Bigfoot Crest Theater — I do prefer the name Majestic Crest — with my  single card credit as Post Production Producer.

Wikipedia List of Historical-Cultural Monuments on the Westside...

This is the screen capture from  Wikipedia.  Just in case you thought I was kidding.

By the way, today is Friday the 13th.



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