EXTRA! EXTRA! EXTRAS 34th Aniversary of Elvis Presley’s Death Confused with his Birthday; I’m all shook Up: Connections #43

“Let’s all say, Happy Birthday, Elvis!  Well,  it has happened again!  On the campaign trail, Presidential Candidate Michelle Bachman wished the “Blue Suede Shoes,” singer, Elvis Prestley, a Happy Birthday. Wrong!   Today is the 34th aniversary of his death.

     Not too long ago, on the campaign trail Bachman said John Wayne was born in Waterloo, Iowa.  But it was John Wayne Gacy, the infamous “killer clown” of Chicago, who was born there.*

     Is Michelle Bachman confusing fiction with facts?  Maybe she shouldn’t be blaming all of our economic woes on Democrats, but instead on Republicans.  Food for thought,  isn’t  it?

Note: See my Blog dated June 29, 2011.



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