EXTRA! EXTRA! EXTRAS So Damn Busy … Where Did September go? Connections #54

     I just finished viewing “Howard Terpning Portrait Of A Storyteller,” who is one of the most lauded painters of Western Art, and it is beautifully photographed by my talented cinematographer friend Howard Wexler.   It is difficult to describe this movie in just a few words, but it gives the viewer an inside look at the creative process of  this gifted painter.  What makes this movie so fascinating is that the viewer will realize that Howard Terpning’s committment and his attention to detail is not dissimilar to the committment and attention to detail that is required by anyone who’s engaged in any type of creative endeavor.

     This month I produced Public Service Spots in conjunction with the Emmy Awards, using Howard Wexler as my cinematographer, for BeatLiverTumors.org, and I will have more to say about this wonderful organization and the heroic woman behind it, Suzanne Ridley, in a future Blog.

     I also completed my work as Post Production Producer on “Atlas Shrugged Part 2 The Strike.”  We were on a very tight schedule to complete “Atlas 2” in time for it’s opening in over 800 theaters on 10/12/12.  Trailers for “Atlas 2” are currently playing in theaters.

     I have so much more to write about, so I plan to update this Blog after I take it easy for a few days and enjoy being back home in Summerland, California.