EXTRA! EXTRA! EXTRAS Looking Back at Some Events: Connections #56

     The year 2012 is fast coming to an end.  Many things have occurred in my world and the rest of the world, both good and bad.

     I will begin with the bad: the massacre of small children at the school in Connecticut, small children and teachers killed my a man with an assault rifle.  My wife Marcia lit a memorial candle on Christmas Eve at precisely 2 pm, following the instructions posted on FaceBook.

     The hurricane that affected so many people in so many ways on the East Coast, but maybe now the naysayers will realize there is such a thing as GLOBAL WARMING!

     My regular meeting place in Los Angeles, Juniors Deli closes today.  It will be missed by many people especially me.

     Now for the good:  I took my 6 1/2 year old grandson Dylan to see his first college football game.  USC beat Arizona, but it’s been a terrible year for USC and I feel particularly bad for Matt Barkley.  His greatness will not be diminished by such a lousy season and he will always be remembered for his committment to USC and not turning pro, and his ability on the playing field.

     I worked as Post Production Producer again on Atlas Shrugged Part ll.  It was a challenge to finish it and get it into theaters for its early October opening.

     My good friend Patrick Horton is conducting a seminar on screen writing at the Beverly Garland Hotel this Saturday and Sunday, and I plan to attend. He makes you really dive into yourself and ask lots of questions and the result seems to be, at least for me, that I tell the truth on the page about the characters and situations.  This isn’t the first time that I’ve attended his seminars, and this won’t be the last.

     I hoped to write more but my wife and I are leaving our nest to go and see the “Life of Pi” tonight.

     I wish everyone around the world a Prosperous, Peaceful, Healthy and Happy 2013.