EXTRA! EXTRA! EXTRAS Meeting and Greeting in Hollywood: Connections #57

     I’m sitting in my room at the Best Western Mikado Hotel in North Hollywood, CA, writing my only story for the month of January, 2013, because I made final technical deliveries of two feature films today, “Margarine Wars” and “Atlas Shrugged Part ll.” I firmly believe that digital delivery is much more difficult than delivery was in the analogue world, much like computers was supposed to reduce paper consumption, but they didn’t. Because film makers can do more, more is expected of them. But few people have any idea how many hours it takes to create a simple visual effect. I know about this first hand because I shared office space with three very talented VFX artists who were working on Atlas Shrugged Part ll.

     The economy is coming back a little, but I along with many of my business associates, see monumental changes occurring throughout Hollywood. The problem is there are no simple answers. Personal reinvention is rampant, a good thing, and it’s my hope that the motion picture industry will become stronger.

     I become frustrated, sometimes, because there are so many gate keepers, and it’s almost – I repeat almost – impossible to present a screenplay that has the possibility to become a blockbuster, to the executives and creatives who are high enough in the food chain to be able to greenlight a project. I will talk about this from time to time in this Blog, because I am deeply involved in this time-consuming and often frustrating exercise, right now.