EXTRA! EXTRA! EXTRAS Fuel for the System: Connections #59

     I was never very good at English composition in Grade School.  Two reasons:  I was tall for my age and was usually assigned the last seat in the last row.  The second reason is that I was a poor speller, so I substituted simpler words to replace the words I couldn’t spell.  Gold stars were important to me .  Also, because I didn’t test well in aptitude tests I thought I was dumb.  I did have trouble speaking and reading at an early age, so much so that I made up my own language.  I remember one word in particular:  “dum-dum” meant “water.”  Where that came from I will never know.

     After my traumatic first experience seeing a movie, and my parents taking me to a projection room to see the projector casting the beam of light with the image onto the silver screen, I fell in love with movies.  A movie theatre was a place I could escape my shyness and stare at the people on the movie screen without them staring back at me.

     All of this leads up to now.  i love writing screenplays.  I choose places and situations I know very little about to become the “world” for the characters to populate.  Research is time-consuming but I enjoy learning new things.  I have been working on my current project for 2-1/2 years.  A lot of time you might say but it has been a very busy period of my life.  My goal is to complete a first draft of this screenplay by my birthday, July 18th.

     During the past 2-1/2 years,  I’ve moved from West Los Angeles to Summerland, CA.  I have Post Produced five theatrical motion pictures.  The two highest profile films are “Atlas Shrugged Part I” and “Atlas Shrugged Part ll.”  On another film, I worked in Detroit, Michigan, because of the state’s tax incentives.  California must do a better job of  giving incentives to producers to keep production in this state.  Practically every state in the U.S.  is offering economic incentives to lure producers to shoot movies and TV shows in their home states.  Same with other countries.  The world might be an oyster but the pearl is still Hollywood.

     On another front, I have developed two screenplays with a new writer, Michael Thomas Daniel, who lived with my wife and me for four plus months while he wrote these two screenplays.  I  have begun the process of setting up these two truly amazing screenplays with A-List people in Hollywood.  But it is a difficult task because ninety-five percent of the screenplays being submitted are less than professional level, so agents and personal managers have built walls around their creative castles to protect themselves from drowning in a sea of crap.  The mission to get someone to want to read a screenplay is to convince them you have something really special, but everyone says that.  My mission remains, fueled by my steadfast belief in these two screenplays, knowing they will make wonderful films.  Stay tuned!