EXTRA! EXTRA! EXTRAS Christmas in May in Chicago: Connections #61

     The flight on United Airlines from Los Angeles to Chicago was one of the bumpiest rides in my entire life.  About one hour away from Chicago’s O’Hare Airport the aircraft started its gymnastics.  I was seated in the last row at the rear so I was aware if there was turbulence it would be amplified.  But this was ridiculous!  Without any warning the plane started bumping and grinding like a stripper in a dark club.  The plane then dropped like a roller coaster plunging down a steep incline.  There was absolute silence in the cabin.  The turbulence continued for what seemed like hours but in reality was probably about 20 minutes.

     I endured this torture to be present at the recording of my friend Bob Christian’s taping in Skokie, Illinois., of “A Christmas Carol,”  which will be shown on PBS this Christmas season.

     There were 3 complete shows with 7 cameras, one of them always flying in the air, a 44 piece symphony orchestra, conductor, two coral groups, and wonderful talent playing the principal roles in this timeless story. One show was with an audience and some little girls were dressed in their Christmas finest.  At the end of this performance there was a well-deserved standing ovation for all of the performers.


     The other two performances, one of them pictured above, were for backup to accommodate making the best possible choices of everyone’s performances.

     All in all, “A Christmas Carol” is a wonderful show, and I’ll be counting the days to Christmas.