EXTRA! EXTRA! EXTRAS Location Expo: Connections #62

     Every year Los Angeles hosts the Location Expo. a market place where U.S. states and cities, foreign countries and cities try to woo filmmakers to shoot their movies at these particular locations all over the world.

     This year the Location Expo was held at the L.A. Convention Center, and I attended on Saturday.  I knew several people who worked for locations that had booths there, and I received useful intel. from a representative of the Big Island of Hawaii.  I also had conversations with representatives I did not know before and  everyone, of course, was very friendly because they are there to attract producers like myself to shoot their movies at the places they represent.

     Most locations now offer tax credits that are a major attraction for filmmakers, because it can reduce the total cost of the film by 10%-30%.  But “buyer beware,” it is not an easy route to go.  I will be happy to answer any questions about that, so feel free to contact me.

Vampires In Movies Are Loved

Vampires In The Movies Are Loved!

     No, I did not meet any Vampires, or at least I don’t think I did … but it was bloody hot in Los Angeles yesterday




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