EXTRA! EXTRA! EXTRAS The Good and The Bad: Connections # 72

     First,  The Good.  May was a very busy month.  I have been put under contract to produce two feature films.  Ironically both stories are set in Florida, one in 1874, the other in the decade of 1950s.  The aggregate budgets for the two films will be around  $40m-$50m.  But that’s a guess.  Right now I’m creating a detailed budget for each project.  It’s a lengthy process that  involves gathering lots of information and making thousands of decisions  based on what I’ve learned.  Each of these budgets will be about 100 pages in length.  So stay tuned.

     Now The Bad. Sadly two dear friends passed away.  Both men were screenwriters and i had the great privilege of collaborating with both.

     I  knew Stanford Whitmore the longest, having met him when we were under contract to Universal Studios.  He wrote the pilot episode of the TV Series “The Fugitive,” starring David Jansen.    Stanford has many credits in TV and Film, and I will put a link to his credits on IMDB.

     My other dear friend was Ralph Gaby Wilson.  I met Gaby through our mutual literary agent who gave me one of his screenplays.  I read the screenplay and told the agent “I have to meet this guy!”   Thus began a long and enduring friendship.

     I truly miss both of them.



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