ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Introduction

2010 and I’ve decided to write my first Blog.  I’m a working professional in the Motion Picture Industry.  So, my postings won’t be every day.  However, it will be worthwhile to check out this Blog once in a while because I’m going to share my life story with you.  In doing so, you will be able to glimpse the events and situations that have pointed me to this Industry, where I have not only survived but thrived.  I guarantee that My Personal Story and my reflections about my Hollywood career will be factual, interesting and very entertaining.  For those Hansels and Gretels interested in breaking into Show Biz, there will be crumbs of wisdom to follow on your path to success.


6 thoughts on “ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Introduction

  1. hi, farrukh here, remember me? we met at the Pitch Summit at the LA Marriott. Just joined your blog. Looks very interesting and informative! Just wanted to drop a quick hello!

    • Farrukh, of course I remember you. The man who traveled all the way from Pakistan to attend the Pitch Summit in Los Angeles. I appreciate that you checked out my blog and joined, and let’s please stay in touch.

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