EXTRA! EXTRA! EXTRAS NAB 2014: Connections #71

     In April, I attended NAB again at the Las Vegas Convention Center.  I flew from LAX (Los Angeles) to Las Vegas on Virgin America, and the round trip ticket cost less than $100 plus tax.  I arrived at the Convention Center around 1PM and walked the various halls until closing time.  I was invited to an NAB-affiliated party, but I was too tired to attend.  So I had a lovely sea food dinner and called it a night.

     The next morning I got up bright and early, ate breakfast and headed back over to the L.V. Convention Center. All in all, I figure that while I was there I probably walked about 5 miles.  At least my body felt that way. A reminder of when I played football back in the day.

     I left the Las Vegas Hilton Hotel at 3:30 for the 5:30 return flight to Los Angeles.  I then took the Santa Barbara Airbus back to can you guess? Santa Barbara, and arrived home around 10PM.

     It seems as though everyone at NAB was talking about 4K and beyond, and there were Drones everywhere.  Mount a GoPro Hero 3  onto a drone and you can make aerial shots that you never dreamed were possible.

     Black Magic was again a popular destination.  It is now official that Black Magic has reduced the 4K camera from $4,000 to $3,000.  So the old advertisement that said “4K for $4,000” has new been changed to “4K for $3,000”  And this price includes a full copy of their exceptional color timing product called Resolve.

Cannon Cinema Lens

Cannon Cinema Lens

     Of course, the quality of digital cinema acquisition depends on many, many  factors.  Among them is the camera platform manufacturer, chip size, the ability to record RAW, uncompressed 444 or ProRes 422, etc.

      I personally believe the quality of the glass (lens) should also rank very high on this list.

     If anyone has any questions about NAB 2014, please contact me and I will try to answer them.





     NAB is coming up again, starting this weekend and I am going to travel to Las Vegas on Tuesday, April 8th.  The major attraction at the Las Vegas Convention Center will be 4K camera acquisition with Black Magic, Sony, Canon and Panasonic leading the way.  Of course, other companies will be making surprise announcements that are always very exciting for me and everyone else.

     I plan to take pictures next Tuesday and Wednesday at NAB and will post them when I return home.