EXTRA! EXTRA! PASSINGS Director Ken Russel, Age 84, R.I.P.: Connections #46

This past Sunday Director Ken Russel  passed away.  Although his career included making documentaries, he is mostly known for his movies, some great, some good, and some not so good.

In 1996, I was brought in by the U.S. distributor to fix Ken Russel’s “Mindbender,” inspired by Uri Geller.  It  involved;  Re-editing.  Wire removal. Providing establishing shots.  A new music score.  Narration.  And directing a sequence with Uri Geller, who placed his hand in front of our 35mm motion picture camera and asked the viewing audience to do the same, and their broken clock would be instantly fixed. Never tried it myself, but I have a silver-plate hotel spoon which Uri bent in front of my eyes and continued to bend after he gave it to me.

Sadly, through the long process of making “Mindbender” a better film, I never had the opportunity to personally meet Ken Russel.  Unfortunately, now I never will.

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