EXTRA! EXTRA! EXTRAS The long Hot Summer: Connections #73

     My dear New York friend, Composer Bob Christianson and his talented lyricist/book writer Alisa Hauser have received  a national Emmy nomination for outstanding Music and Lyrics for “No Trouble,” beautifully performed by Scott Coulter, in the HMS production of A CHRISTMAS CAROL: THE CONCERT that aired on Public Television last December and will repeat again this December.


     For my birthday on July 18th my wife Marcia arranged for me to ride along with a Police Officer in a Ford sedan on the midnight watch with the Santa Barbara Police Department.  I will say that you can’t get more upfront and personal than this.  I was told it was a slow night.  A traffic accident with injuries;  possible use of narcotics;  a parole violation that ended up with us transporting the young man to Santa Barbara County Jail, which is run by the sheriff’s’ Department; public drunkenness: the hispanic male had been released from jail only two days before, so we took him to dry out at a detox center.  Sadly, they were going to put him back on the streets at 5:30AM.

     The officer who I spent the 10-hour shift with I got to know really well, and he’s a good man, a gentle soul, and an asset to the SBPD.


     I am now on the Board of Directors and the Treasurer of the Community Film Studio of Santa Barbara.  We are a 501 (c)3 non-profit.  I am currently overseeing the deliverables of The Bet, our first feature film, to Origin Releasing.



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