EXTRA! EXTRA! PASSINGS! Connections: #66

     It’s been a tough couple of months with the passing of two dear friends.    First, a while back, was Lew Weitzman who was my literary agent, on and off, for more years than I care to mention.  However, I will mention that Lew was one of the kindest, most mannered, honest, caring men I’ve ever known.  I attended his memorial at the Directors Guild Theatre in Hollywood, which was filled to capacity with family and friends.  He founded the Preferred Artists Agency, which is now being headed by his son Paul Weitzman.

     Just last Sunday Syd Field passed away.  We worked together back in the day at David L. Wolper Productions.   The show, which ran for 33 weeks, was Hollywood and the Stars on the NBC Television Network.  Syd then wrote a “how to” book  for screenwriters that sold over one million copies.  He went on to write several other best selling tutorials, and he is acknowledged by his peers as the most effective teacher of screenwriting — Ever!