EXTRA! EXTRA! “Atlas Shrugged”, “Bad Blood”, “The Wrecking Crew”: Connections #55

Been a very busy month.  “Atlas Shrugged Part ll – The Strike” as well as “Bad Blood – The Hunger” are playing or have have played in movie theaters throughout the USA.

Today I was told by some of my Hollywood friends that “Bad Blood – The Hunger” is on the cover of the Daily Variety that’s being given to film distributors and buyers from around the world who are attending the American Film Market in Santa Monica this week and next.

And to top all of this off, my wife Marcia and I are co-sponsoring with Peter and Dallas Clark, the Santa Barbara premiere of  “The Wrecking Crew, “ an amazing documentary about the young studio musicians who played on virtually every top pop hit out of Los Angeles in the 1960s with their influential West Coast Sound.   Pop singers such as Cher, Glen Cambell, Nancy Sinatra, and the list goes on.

The film was a winner at the Seattle Film Festival.

The Wrecking Crew,” a film by Denny Tedesco, will play on Wednesday, November  7th at the historic Arlington Theatre on State Street in Santa Barbara.  Tickets can be purchased through Ticketmaster on the Arlington’s website.

Every month lots of exciting things seem to happen, so I’m looking forward to the month of November.

Ah yes, The Presidential Election.  Be sure to vote…O I’m not going to tell you who my wife and I will vote for.