EXTRA! EXTRA! EXTRAS What Month is this? Connections #53

     I’ve just returned to my Hotel in North Hollywood, California, after a demanding but satisfying day working on the feature film “Atlas Shrugged Part ll.”  I started to work on Atlas on April 2nd this year, and we will open in at least 650 theaters nationwide on October 12th.  The movie is full of visual effects created by our talented in-house visual effects team, four vendors in Hollywood, and one VFX house in China.  I am Post Production Producer on this movie.   Trailers for the movie start playing in theaters next weekend.  The film has a rabid, almost fanatical fan base who worship its’ author Ayn Rand, the book first published in 1957 has been a best-seller since then.

     No one will ever know how much hard work goes into the making of a movie, some turn out to be good and some are failures.  But the craftspeople behind the scenes put in the same effort on every movie and everyone hopes the movie they’ve worked on will be a huge success.

       I know lots of eyeballs will be focused on “Atlas Shrugged Part ll,” and there will be both good and bad press reviews.  With the Presidential election occurring a little over a month later, it will be interesting to sit back and be entertained by people whose Hot Button will be pressed by the Ayn Rand’s movie.